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LED Power Supply

  • Non-Waterproof Switch Power Supply
  • Waterproof LED Power Supply
  • LED Power Supply

Product Abstract:

1. Parameters of LED Switch Power :
2. Input: 110VAC-240VAC
3. Power: 30W, 65W, 100W, 150W
4. No Waterproof
5. Output: 12VDC / 24VDC
6. Certificates: CE & ROHS
7. Working temperature: -20-60°C

Product Description

Description of operation & button on remote unit:

Part Number
Input Voltage
Output Current
Output Voltage
KN-PS12-24W 24W AC110V~240V 2A DC 12V Aluminum No
KN-PS24-24W 24W AC110V~240V 1A DC 24V Aluminum No
KN-PS12-30W 30W AC110V~240V 2.5A DC 12V Aluminum No
KN-PS24-30W 30W AC110V~240V 1.25A DC24V Aluminum No
KN-PS12-36W 36W AC110V~240V 3A DC12V Aluminum No
KN-PS24-36W 36W AC110V~240V 1.5A DC 24V Aluminum No
KN-PS12-48W 48W AC110V~240V 4A DC 12V Aluminum No
KN-PS24-48W 48W AC110V~240V 2A DC 24V Aluminum No
KN-PS12-60W 60W AC110V~240V 5A DC 12V Aluminum No
KN-PS24-60W 60W AC110V~240V 2.5A DC 24V Aluminum No
KN-PS12-72W 72W AC110V~240V 6A DC 12V Aluminum No
KN-PS24-72W 72W AC110V~240V 3A DC 24V Aluminum No

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